Dragon Ball Super CCG Google Sheets Card List

I've been playing the new Dragon Ball Super CCG. It's great! it has a lot of strategy like Magic: The Gathering and seems to be a promising new card game. I noticed the official site's card list was not very printable for collecting purposes, so I put together this Google Sheet of the Galactic Battle card list and other current cards (check the tabs).

Website Update

My personal site has been updated.  It's been a few years and it was definitely time to freshen things up.

One thing is notably missing: my old Team Fortress 2 levels.  I'll try to get a compilation blog post of those up shortly.

Thoughts on programming languages

I've been expanding my programming language base lately.  Being a web developer, I don't have an immediate need to learn other languages.  However, learning them seems to pass time and it doesn't seem like a worthless endeavor.  Who knows, being the one who creates the next "killer app" could be worth it.  Here's an overview of some of the languages I've been experimenting with: