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Proprietary Software vs. Open Source: the CRM

This is obviously an amazingly large topic, but having recently been forced to increase usability of a business process with a monolithic Constituent Resource Management program (Raiser's Edge) I feel like I need to voice my opinion.  I have been a great fan of Drupal for the past year and my appreciation of the open source nature and ever-changing state of the software is great.  Processes greatly improve over time, the community talks about problems and fixes, and there seems to be a flexible solution for (almost) everything.

International Orders with Authorize.net

I recently ran into an issue where international customers could not checkout properly in Ubercart, a fully featured Drupal ecommerce solution.  I was using Authorize.net as the credit card processer.  To allow international customers to be verified with Authorize.net, do the following in your merchant account: