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The state of your custom Drupal 8 projects in 2015

Drupal 8 was just released! Awesome! Unfortunately, the state of contrib is a warzone, as usually happens after a big Drupal point release. Even more so now that everything has changed. The reality is that if you're doing something custom, you're not going to be able to take a contrib module like Rules, Relation, etc and use it how it is (yet). Thankfully with the Object Oriented approach in D8, you can extend classes of contrib modules that are unfinished and implement your own custom functionality. Gone are the long, complex module files from hell with little structure. You'll still use module files for some things, but the core MVC of your custom implementation can extend contrib modules without completely forking them.

Are you not technically inclined? This is a good time to learn. If you know the basics of OO programming, Drupal 8 is a good place to build cool things somewhat quickly once you get through PHP's quirks. If you've come from a Rails background, D8 is still a far cry from a lot of that simplicity, but it's getting better. Once you know D8 internals you can do a lot with content and configuration entities, for instance.

While Drupal has bid farewell to the simpler and in some ways better times of Drupal 7, hopefully in a year or so D8 has the level of out-of-box customization that 7 (and even 6) had without custom programming. I am working on a large custom Drupal 8 application for my organization, so it has been cool tracking its progress.

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